black note

Write a poem to the night

Have to end it

But a voice keeps whispering

Telling to stay alive

For no one but me

No use whatsoever

So what if this truly ends here?

Then, i must bit my adieu

Tired Eyes

Those dry eyes can give birth to a lonely soul who can give birth to a thousand and one night full of stars

But still, 

It wil never be enough, for those eyes wanted to build a galaxy so big and filled it with happiness, but they didn’t have one

Those eyes are longing for peace and solitary

They can’t lie, they are filled with tears that never got a chance to run through the cheeks

They are filled with sorrow and madness and so much anger

They are on the long run, searching for the one who can wipe those memories from their eyes 

play dead

what if you can never really change? and the world keep on spinning,

but not good will ever come and suicide isn’t even an option.

so you play dead for as long as you can
not knowing when the world will stop spinning around and listen to you.

And for once, maybe, the world will listen to you singing mother nature’s song.


That’s when the world will be your friend once more


no place i’d rather be,dancing while waiting for a return

a surprise no one can figure

but life will lead us there

where time will be our friend

where the world isn’t a scary place to live in

when the night is not dark and empty

the sun will appear brighter and prettier

But soon

too late

the soft breathing of rain came flashing down the paths. 

Slowly making a statement of what’s coming next. 

Need to hold on but time’s running late. 

Trying to be sane but the world keeps on spinning it’s dizzy. 

deathly spell

how can one person get out from here alive? Tangled with sorrow and sadness. 
Anger comes rising from underneath, but the mouth choose not to speak a word. 
So, anger goes far beyond more than just a feeling, it turned into some kind of a new thing. Personality. 

It’s the new reality. 

It’s a way of life. 

To be angry. 

But silent kind of anger.
Only laughter can accompany anger, everytime anger comes, laughter comes also to light up the room, so no one knows when anger strikes, because laughter overshadow it with good humour. 
No one will ever know, when anger comes from a person, only to lead this person into insanity. 
By that time, only death can help. 


The universe exhaled and gave birth to another galaxy

The moon rose from a bright place and covered itself in darkness

The sun welcomed the night and walked through the forest of loneliness

I am here, alone yet alive. Inhaling sweet toxic air.

My skin is old and my body is thin.

I have lived for a thousand years and…

I still don’t understand the language of happiness